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Easy-Clean, O-Ring Dog Collar

Pooch Collars are made of nylon webbing coated in a PVC plastic webbing. Making for a durable build, easy clean  order resistant quality collar.

Every Pooch collar is formatted with an O-Ring to ensure the highest quality of safety.

Collar choices from Neon Pink, Yellow and Orange to Cherry Red, Royal Blue and Classic Black

what sets us apart

As a pet owner, I found many collars on the market but only few that could give my large breed dogs all they needed for efficient wear. I also noticed price points for large breed dogs were much higher than smaller breeds yet lacked in quality, safety, and design without the additional cost being a factor.


So, I decided to create the perfect dog collar recipe, thus creating Pooch Inc!


As a pet owner, a stronghold and durability are important in a collar, each Pooch collar is made of PVC coated webbing safely coated for pets. This material allows the collars to remain viable and last for years.


Our collars are easy-clean! NO STINK! No-bends, and NO wear-down from a washing machine! Simply wipe down the collar, and if you want to get “super clean” soap- and water! Pooch collar’s easy-clean format saves time, money and keeps an original form making for less time with clean-up and more time for the pooches!


Having a family of large dogs has its challenges, but one challenge no pooch owner needs is that of safety. Every Pooch collar features an O-Ring. An O-Ring was designed to help a dog escape being strangled once caught on any object such as fencing, trees, and so forth. Click below to view the video on How an O-Ring can save your dog!


Pooch Inc. collars are made of a variety of solid colors. Having a solid color collar makes it easier to navigate your pet in a park or play area as well as on hunting grounds. I created Pooch collars to feature both monotone solid colors, and neon solid colors, hinting at fashion but also allotting for more safety.

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